First Official Post

ImageThis is my first official blog post. My fingers hover over the keys not sure of which words to form first…divergent ideas…too many ideas…this is a start. It will get better when I really have something to say about peregrinating the web in search of the best sites to build my knowledge of IDT and share with others. So, without any further hesitation, I’m off…to add a photo first, then a quote, a link…probably not a video yet. Will do that in time.

When I created this post, I tried to add a link to a website I discovered as part of a “Super Sleuth” class assignment. As a total novice, the link ended up as the first main title of my PLE so I covered my tracks and deleted it. Nonetheless, Stephen Downes’ slideshow at this link was my first encounter with PLE knowledge. I thought it was pretty cool that he’s one of the learning theorists in the emerging Connectivist approach. No wonder his ideas appealed to me. So, now this first post is updated with the deleted link to the slideshow as well as a link to Downes’ website.



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