Playing Around

It takes time to break in a pair of shoes….just like it does to learn to use new technology

The best way to learn something new and uncomfortable is to be willing to fail…oh, how I hate that word! However, in order to learn how to use this technology, I’m going to have to try and risk failure before the technology becomes a trusted tool. Thankfully, today’s mistake, trying to upload a picture was correctable. Instead of a single picture I accidentally uploaded the whole file from last May’s SailAway Academy graduation. Great pictures, not pertinent to web peregrination.

It’s like breaking breaking in a new pair of shoes. At first they seem rigid and unbending, and may cause sore feet or even a blister or two. However, with perseverance they soften, form to your feet, and are oh, so comfortable and reliable. That has been the theme throughout my technological seasons. I remember my first powerpoint. I was thrilled to be able to get copy on the screen, no graphics, not even an appealing theme, just words.

Today, powerpoint technology is not scary at all and even fun most of the time. So, to break in this new technological tool, blogging, will take practice. And, enough of it. At least weekly so this is my first. My goal today is to share a link about just what is a Personal Learning Environment and a picture of some sort. Let’s see how it turns out. The shoe’s still a little tight.


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