Adding Categories

It’s not a big thing. It’s really a baby step in the world of blogging. But it’s a baby step I took and didn’t fall down. One of my stated goals for Peregrinating the Web (PTW) is for it to be a place that digital immigrants can find support, comfort and help. Another goal was for this PLE to have visual and content structure. So, duh, why did it take me over a month to recognize that “categories” is intended for such a site-organizational task. I’m sure there are other ways to organize a blog, better ways. But, this one will do. So, for all you fearful first-time WordPress blogger-persons, like me, here’s how I learned to create the lovely categories you now see on PTW.

First, I went to this website: and scrolled down to the section on adding categories from Dashboard.

 I like Dashboard; it’s friendly and not too intimidating. I decided to add a picture so you’d know what it looks like. (Note: Adding pictures is a little outside my present comfort zone because I haven’t learned how to make them behave the way I want them to. So we’ll see.) I clicked on Categories and  sure enough, just as the site foretold, a nice fillable form

appeared that was pretty self-explanatory. My intentions for this site are to make it easy to use and follow. During my visioning about what I wanted this PLE to be, structure was important. Voila! here is the mechanism to accomplish that. So, I entered the type of categories I had already considered in the “Name” box. Under “Name” is a box marked “Parent.” Love at first sight! Here was the way to structure posts by theme and topic. So, now there are five Parent categories, two of them with sub-categories.

I’m satisfied. It turned out okay.


4 thoughts on “Adding Categories

  1. Excellent! You’ve not only written something that benefits other class members, you’ve produced something that (if you want) can be used in the content for your team’s project!

    • What a great suggestions! I’ll share that with the team. I have to make a confession: I truly enjoyed creating this post and, as I said earlier, I wish I had time to work on this more aggressively. Perhaps, after the major time demands have abated, I can get back to it. Perhaps, this could be part of transitioning this to the faculty training. PERHAPS, (don’t know if it would be possible) at least two of us will be continuing into Lisa’s class next semester. Wonder if it’s something that could be part of that class.

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