Truth in Blogging

This morning I showed the twenty-something SailAway staff member Peregrinating the Web. Her dark almond eyes widened as she stared. “Wow!” It was all the praise I needed to keep me going. Then she asked the question. “How did you do it? It looks great!.”

I should have told her the truth right then and there: I didn’t. She thought I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. Mostly it just…happened…serendipity.

Two days earlier she had shown me how to format a blog site. The rhythm of her click-and-paste, finger-thumb tango across the “Appearance”menu

seemed like child’s play. Her fingers whirled and twirled and images appeared and colors splashed on the board. “See. It’s easy,” she said as she prepared to leave for the day. I didn’t believed her. I left my screen open to “Themes”

in the “Appearance”drop-down menu from Dashboard…for two days. I was concerned I might not find it again and furthermore, It took me that long to screw up enough courage to click again. Oh, I forgot a small item: the color palette had frozen on my  helper. Only the Lord knows what havoc that glitch might wreak on my frail confidence.

When I came back, lo, and behold, “Themes” was still there with dozens of themes to the right. I scrolled through many worthy options until Twenty Eleven caught my attention. So I clicked and, voila! a whole new Peregrinating the Web. There was even a headline picture. How on earth did that picture get there? It didn’t fit a peregrinating theme and furthermore it changed every few seconds. I remembered my twenty-something assistant had gone on line, found a picture she liked, and inserted it into her site. Seemed like a no brainer. I poked around the options under headline picture and there was no insert option. So, I kept an close watch on the scrolling stock-options until something with a peregrinating feel appeared. Ocean! Perfect. Click. Done deal.

Oo, the plain white background did not fit. Hey, background option. In addition to the fearful color palette it offered a personal selection option. Ah, here’s the chance to use that really poignant peregrinating photo the headline wouldn’t accept.

  Nice, huh? Great photo for a headline; rotten for a background. Out you go. So, back to the color palette. The dreaded color palette. Surprise! It cooperated  and that beautiful, deep sea blue is the result. I liked it. Quickly published before any further disasters to could happen.

I did it! One small step for the immigrant in the new land.


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