Visual Blooms

Visuals speak my language. Peregrinating for information to complete this week’s assignment while contemplating Types of Learning. The TOLs sparked some Bloom’s questions so revisited Bloom’s Taxonomy with a web search. There, I tripped over a blog from a 4th grade Australian teacher, Kathy McGeady, who had posted this graphic on her blog ( along with the following details:

“Most teachers are probably familiar with the Bloom’s Taxonomy model which details the six levels of thinking from lower to higher level thinking (remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, creating).

Mike Fisher, an American instructional coach and consultant has come up with an interesting revision of the Bloom’s Taxonomy model based on 21st century skills. The model incorporates online tools that can be used to encourage each of the levels of thinking. Mike has created a wiki called Visual Blooms to share ideas on where various online tools could fit into the Bloom’s hierachy (obviously many online tools could fit into different categories depending on how they are used). This is still a work in progress but definitely worth checking out.”

Mike’s Visual Blooms site ( sports several other visual Blooms on its main page as well as several additional representations on the side menu. However, it doesn’t appear to have been updated recently. It’s too bad; it gives new meaning to digital blooms.


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