An Unplanned Post; Timeless Advice

“Type a little; save a lot” was the big-picture takeaway my friend Linda shared with me many years ago after she had attended a week-long computer training course. Handicapped with low-vision, Linda acquired marketable computer skills at that workshop which opened a world of opportunity for her. And that sage advice still rings true, especially in blogosphere. At least for me. I confess, I haven’t followed it. In the past several weeks, failure to follow those six little words has cost time and lost content. And, I’m posting this now as a word of warning that I hope you don’t need. I am really talking to myself because the blog that should have been posted nearly three weeks evaporated for the second time today. I was merrily working away, clicking between tabs, gathering information, when, oops! I x-ed the wrong tab and away went a couple of hours worth of brilliant prose. (I’m a slow, picky writer.) Although, this little text at the bottom right of the text pad tells me the draft is saved, it lies. It didn’t save the latest draft of the earlier work and it’s not 10:44:01 p.m. So, my remedy and advice: to create in a word processor then copy and paste to the blog when it’s ready. Not before. Do you hear that, Brenda?


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