Messing “About”

Anna Lea West ( had a thing about About, “My blog has been held up by my inability to write an “about” page. To stop this ridiculousness, I’m giving myself 5 minutes to tell you all you need to know. Here goes.” Then she launches into 12 bullet points about herself. Anna Lea’s picture is not on the About page but on the home page she’s captured in the passenger seat of what looks like a mini-van. I found Anna Lea on the “Freshly Pressed” Freshly Pressedtab @ Peregrinating the Web wasn’t held up for lack of About, but without About, it lacked. At least in my opinion. A blog with an unpopulated About is not as welcoming, dimensional, and appealing as blogs that introduce their author. About is about relationship and trust. Just who is this person anyway?

So, the calm Saturday three weeks ago, before the Thanksgiving and end-of-semester rush, seemed to be the perfect time to add a pic and blurb to the About section of Peregrinating the Web. First step: Follow instructions. So, to Wordpress web addressBig lean wordpress screenshotI started at  Tutorials and walkthrough screen shot . The more step-by-step help the better. Only issue, that day I could not find good info about About so I reasoned that if I completed the Profile section that information would automatically update About. Wrong. Nonetheless, the process proved instructive. I learned about adding media through the “Add Media” tool. From the “Choose File” box I found a picture that I could tolerate then clicked “Upload.”Add media screenshotAnd, Voila..

Profile didn't load screen shot 

Failed! How could that have happened? I followed directions. That was enough for one day. A body can only stand so much!

Fast forward to today. A new day. A fresh chance. This time the instructions advised to go to Dashboard    Dashboard screenshotand click on Pages.  A drop-down menu appearedAll Pages screenshot

and I clicked on “All Pages” andPages screenshot

checked the “About” box.

From there it was a piece of cake! My picture greeted me. What a surprise! Evidently, all was not lost from the session three weeks ago. Thankfully, the copy had been saved in a Pages document so that was a quick copy/paste action. (“Pages” is Apple’s word processing program in case you’re not a Mac diva like me.) About was done. Now Peregrinating the Web followers know a little more about its creator.

P.S. It’s always a learning experience. While completing About was much easier than expected, creating this blog taught me another lesson that’s recorded in a post earlier today.


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