me@John's wedding

I am a writer. The most difficult writing assignment is to write about myself. An unending stream of words flows about almost any subject in the world….except myself. So, a few pertinent facts: I am a wife, to Russ, my life-long friend and love. I am a mother, to five handsome, brilliant, compassionate, caring sons; mother by marriage, to four beautiful, brilliant, compassionate, caring daughters (by marriage to my sons) and one in the works; a new grandmother to two adorable girls, Kaiya and Madeline, and one boy, Max. I am a doctoral student in an intellectually stimulating, intensely challenging interdisciplinary doctoral program (LEEDS, Learning Environments and Educational Studies) in the ed psych department of the College of Education at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. I am a daughter to one nonagenarians (I lost my 97-year old father and mentor in 2013.) and a sister to one blood brother, no blood sister but to dozens by faith and heart. I am the founder and president of SailAway Learning and Academy in Kingston, TN, which delivers an extensive variety of educational services: a full-time school for K-12 students who do not achieve in traditional learning environments; a home-school umbrella program; after-school tutoring; diagnostic assessments; educational consultations; and ACT Prep workshops. I am the pioneer of the SailAway Approach to literacy, a different take on teaching and learning reading skills  acquisition. My deepest desire is that my studies, research, and creativity will help budge the stubbornly stuck reading achievement  level of America’s K-12 students…even 1%. What a difference it would make.


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